At Home with Mark & Graham

September 30, 2023

Today’s post is all about my love for Mark & Graham. I have been a big fan of the brand for a long time – it’s always been a go-to spot for gift giving and customized pieces that feel extra special. I was thrilled to work with them on a few items for my home, so why not go into detail about why I love these products so much and how I use them.

Starting with the Italian Cotton Lightweight Throws in our living room. I opted for the sky blue color with a Circle Block monogram in Med Light Blue. These throw blankets are elevated, but still cozy. I got one with my initials on it, and one with my husbands initials. We light to curl up on the sofa in the evenings and watch a show, and these are the perfect weight and size. Our living room is in the center of our home, so it was important to me if I were going to keep blankets out, that they had to look good – and these definitely fit the bill!

Next up, are my other favorite throw blankets that we keep on the sofa in our loft. They’re the Luxe Cotton Throw Blanket in Camel with a Diamond Block monogram in Navy. These blankets are a little bit thicker and in my opinion, slightly more casual than the ones in our living room. Our loft area is more of a relaxed, hang out room and I definitely wanted it to feel that way. I once again got two blankets – one with my monogram, and one with my husbands. No room for blanket hogs in this house, lol! It’s also nice and symmetrical to put one on each arm of your sofa.

Moving to our bedroom, I found the Courant Wireless Charging Accessory Tray to be so handy and much more attractive on our bedside tables. I opted for the white version with a Didot monogram in Matte Gold. It’s so nice and simple to be able to just set your phone on the tray and it automatically starts charging without having to be plugged in! I use the attached catch all to store my Oura Ring charger and my TV controller. My husband has his eye mask, eye plugs and chapstick in his. Obviously, it can store whatever you need and would be perfect for an office set up as well. // PS. these pretty pillows are by Nicole Speake.

I’m also loving how great the Dresser Top Jewelry Box is. I keep my favorite, everyday jewels inside for quick accessibility and I love how it keeps them organized and easy to see. I went classic with the blush color and traditional etched monogram; and it compliments our burl wood dresser perfectly.

Lastly, I have to gush over this Wicker and Leather Serving Tray. I’ve been keeping it on my patio coffee table for a nice contrast, but it is truly so versatile. I love it for serving appetizers or drinks and it would also work well in a bathroom to hold soap, tissues, catch all dish, etc. Wicker is timeless, especially here in Florida, and I think the leather handles make it feel a bit more upscale. It’s also so nice that it has an acrylic tray at the bottom so things sit flush and don’t fall into the cracks of the wicker.

With the holidays around the corner, Mark and Graham is a great starting point to find a special and personalized gift that says you went the extra mile! Or maybe you just want to treat yourself, and in that case, I fully support you. Either way, I love shopping at Mark and Graham and think their products are top notch.

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