Bali | Ubud

January 22, 2023

The next leg of our Southeast Asia journey was to Ubud in Bali. Arriving fresh from the Alila Villas Uluwatu to Alila Ubud, although they’re the same brand of hotel, they were very different. Our previous location had major luxury resort vibes, while Alila Ubud was more quaint. The rooms were smaller and felt like we were in a treehouse, very cozy! They also had their own balcony overlooking the pool and the jungley landscape. It was the perfect spot to look for monkeys (they were everywhere here).

The reason we were most excited about staying at Alila Ubud was one of their spa packages. It was 48 hours of as many spa treatments as you’d like. We checked in around noon, had three hours worth of spa treatments at 5, three hours of spa treatments the next day at noon, and another three hours the following day. It was absolute bliss and the women who did our treatments were SO good at what they did. I don’t think I’ve ever been more relaxed in my life. The spa was wonderful too – all of the treatment rooms were indoor/outdoor, which was so calming being able to listen to the nature in the background, they also came with their own bathroom.

One of our favorite parts of the trip was the open air jungle safari tour which took place on an old VW buggy type vehicle (very similar to a Moke). This was the perfect way to see the sights. Our guide took us to a local coffee and tea plantation. We saw where they grow and make coffee and tea, and ended with a tasting of everything they make there. Next, he took us to see the rice fields which is a very popular attraction in Ubud. They’re so beautiful, but full disclosure, touristy. There were lots of photo ops set up as well as a zip line and things like that at the viewing site which made the experience a little less authentic feeling. The landscape is extremely beautiful, though, so I’m so happy we got to see it. We rode through lots of little villages and even witnessed a ceremony in one of them which was celebrating a Hindu holiday – it was really neat! The hotel packed us a boxed lunch with sandwiches, spring rolls, water and tea. Normally, they set up a picnic, but we ended up eating ours in the car so we could get back for more spa-ing!

Friends of ours recommended booking a dinner at the Ritz Carlton Mandapa, and I’m so happy we did! This property is INSANE. It’s a Ritz Carlton Reserve, so it’s extra special, and even just being on the grounds for dinner, I was totally blown away. They pick you up at the entrance of the property in a golf cart and drive you about 5-10 minutes down to the restaurant which is overlooking a rapidly flowing river. We were lucky enough to snag one of the cocoon’s to dine in and enjoyed the wine pairing with the tasting menu. It was a really great experience and I would highly recommend going if you find yourself in Ubud.

Another evening, we decided to go into “Ubud Town” for dinner. We found a trendy looking Japanese restaurant called Shichirin and snagged a reservation. It was nice to go into town one night, but it is decently crowded with lots of backpackers, so once was enough for me. 🙂


After three nights in Ubud, we were ready for our next stop and to see more of Southeast Asia. Singapore, here we come.

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