January 26, 2023

Bangkok! Where to begin? This city is completely full of life and we absolutely loved our time spent there. It was a quick trip, only two days, but we hit the ground running and made the most of it.

We stayed at The Park Hyatt, which was very modern and clean and looked to be recently updated. The rooms had great views of the city and pretty marble-clad bathrooms and natural interiors. It was connected to a huge shopping mall called Central Embassy with stores ranging from Zara to every luxury brand you could think of (Hermes, Chanel, Loewe, etc.), they even had a beautiful vintage luxury goods store which was fun to window shop. We bought a suitcase and some cold-weather clothes for our next stop (Tokyo), since we had only been traveling to warm weather places.

A friend of a friend who grew up in Bangkok recommended the restaurant Sri Trat. It’s Eastern Thai food and completely delicious. Incredibly spicy though, so beware! I really like spicy foods and this was some of the spiciest I’ve ever eaten. The flavors were spectacular though and the drinks were really unique. We even tried durian, which if you’re unfamiliar – is a popular fruit in this part of the world that has a famously stinky smell. You’ll see signs posted around the city saying you’re not allowed to eat durian there because of the smell. We thought this would be a good place to try it since it was in a more elevated setting and I have to admit, it was kind of good!

Another notable spot, and my very favorite stop on this trip was The Author’s Lounge. Oh my gosh, this was such a lovely experience, I can’t recommend it enough. We went for afternoon tea and had the most leisurely, glorious time basking in the beautiful surroundings. It’s very colonial in style, with wicker furniture, stunning wood work, the most beautiful shade of green shutters and trim. It’s a truly special setting with lots of history. It’s inside of the Mandarin Oriental hotel (fun fact – it’s the original M.O. hotel!), so we walked around the grounds a bit after tea and took in all of the charm. Treillage galore, and that shade of green – it’s worth gushing about again because it’s THAT good.



After tea, we made our way to Four Seasons to check out BKK Social Club for a drink. A reservation is recommended, but we went right when they opened and were able to sit at the bar without a wait. I tried a champagne pina colada and it was that moment that is clicked why this place had just been named the #14 best bar in the world! It’s a really chic and cozy setting and definitely worth checking out.


Our time in Bangkok was way too short, but I have a feeling we’ll be back. I really wished we would have been able to make it to the Jim Thompson House Museum, but it didn’t fit into our schedule. If you’re heading to Bangkok any time soon, put that spot on your list – it looks fascinating!