Biarritz, France

July 29, 2023

It was my second time in Biarritz, and I’m here to say, it doesn’t get old. It’s only a 45 car ride from San Sebastian (where we were prior), so we had to go back. Sarah, her boys, our mom, and I made the best of our short time there and tried to hit as many of our favored spots from last time as possible. Here’s what we did while we were there.

We checked in to our beloved Hotel Silhouette, which is conveniently located right in the heart of town (lucky us!). If you’re an interior design fanatic, this place is for you. The level of chic is out of this world. Not only are the interiors stylish, but there is also a garden where you can grab a bite and a glass of wine that is oh so charming. They had live jazz music the night we were there, which we listened to on the balcony of Sarah’s room.

Biarritz is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The rocky landscape surrounded by glistening water is truly a sight, and the beach is just as lovely, adorned with picturesque striped cabanas. There’s a wonderful walking path which will take you through an old tunnel, out to a pier and around to the beach. We definitely got our steps in while doing this, which we loved!

When we’re not taking in the stunning surroundings, our other favorite thing to do in Biarritz is shop. We had my nephews with us this time, so we kept the shopping to a minimum and maybe bribed them with some toy-shop stops along the way. Side note- they have the most adorable toy stores. We went to La Nounourserie, Backgammon and Little Bazar, and even I enjoyed looking around with my nephews; there were so many cute things! As for Sarah, our mom and I – some of our favorite shops are: Jimmy Fairly, Galeries Lafayette, Longchamp, Maje, Open Me, Acte 1, and Magasin Central. There are tons more, and it’s so fun to pop in and out of every charming little shop you see. Another plus about staying at Hotel Silhouette is it’s right across the street from the market, which is always fun to check out. There is a big indoor section with food stalls and artisan goods set up their tents outside.

Now for where we ate. Last year, Sarah and I were given the recommendation to eat at Marloe. We loved our meal so much, we had to go back this time. For lunch, we went to Cafe du Commerce (also across the street from the hotel). Make sure to grab a cocktail or glass of wine on the terrace or inside the beautiful Hotel Du Palais….we maybe did this both days we were there. 😉 My nephews loved the adorable cookie shop that was right next door to our hotel called Pepite Cookie as well as the famous patisserie and hot chocolate shop called Miremont Patissier Chocolatier.

What I wore in Biarritz:

I’m already dreaming of the day I can return to this magical place!