Colmar, France

August 3, 2023

The final leg of our mom/sister/nephew Eurotrip has us ending up in Colmar, France. Truly one of the most charming, unreal places I’ve ever seen. You feel like you’re straight out of a story book, Beauty and the Beast to be exact. It was only about an hour train ride from Basel right into Colmar, and then a quick walk from the train station to our hotel, which was in the heart of town. Colmar is part of the Alsace region of France, which was so unique to experience. It borders Germany super closely, and has a rich history of being German then French then German then French again, crazy! We even learned they have their own language which is a mixture of French and German and only Alsacian people can understand it. Anyway, that’s a broad and quick overview about the area in case you are unfamiliar like I was.

We stayed at La Maison des Tetes, which was so lovely! As I mentioned, it was in the center of town, so it was wonderful to be able to step right outside and explore. The outside of the hotel is even adorned with some statutes that were made by a famous sculptor from Colmar, the same person who was behind our very own Statue of Liberty! The interiors were equally as enchanting as the exterior. My mom and I shared a room that was so spacious and chic. Our window opened right up to the courtyard of the hotel, showing off its darling green shutters. Possibly my favorite part of the hotel was that they bring breakfast to your room each morning, you just give them a time the day before. It was quite the spread, too. They even brought gluten free breads for my mom to enjoy since she has Celiac.

Sarah had been to Colmar before, so our first day we followed her lead as she toured us around town. It’s a very walkable city and everywhere you look is jaw-droppingly cute. I don’t want to overuse the word “charm” but seriously, Colmar is charm city. We loved walking all over, and especially near the little Venice area which is along a canal. There are restaurants and shops all over, as well as a nice market in the middle of it all. We sat down for lunch at a quaint spot called Bistrot des Lavandieres. Another neat thing was the Hansi musuem directly across from our hotel. I had never heard of Hansi before, but he is an iconic Alsacian artist and this was a super cute gallery set up on top of a gift shop showcasing his work and life. After walking all day, we ended up eating at the hotel restaurant — we did this both days actually, haha. It was a great spot though and both nights, Sarah and I shared the snails and ugh, I can still taste the garlic and butter they were roasting in. So yum!

The next day, Sarah arranged a tour guide for us, which was perfect. Our first stop was to a medieval castle, which my nephews went crazy for. It was an incredible sight to see. After touring the castle, we had lunch in a darling town called Riquewihr. No one spoke English at the restaurant, so we felt very authentic. 🙂 Once lunch was over, we strolled through the town and headed to the next village called Kayserberg. Another absolutely adorable place – it’s seriously hard to believe these places are real. We had the best time taking it all in and were all just in awe of our surroundings. We ended our last night back at the hotel restaurant with a bottle of Alsacian Riesling (so dry and delish!). We love you, Colmar!


PS- this Tuckernuck dress I wore is one my favorite silhouette’s of theirs, ever! I have it in two prints now, and wear them both so often.