Happy Birthday Sarah!!

December 17, 2021

Happy Birthday, Sarah!! For those of you who don’t know, Sarah is my gorgeous, go-getter, momager, world traveler, boy mom extraordinaire, best friend, older, wiser sister. I basically owe any success I’ve had with IG and stepping into the content creator world to her. I call her my Kris Jenner because she’s the best momager around and always wants whats best for the people she cares about (which are a lot of people!!). I’ve grown up always admiring and looking up to her, going to her for advice and borrowing clothes. I used to beg to wear “rah-rah shirts” when I was little which was just one of her t-shirts that was oversized on me at the time, but luckily I’ve caught up in size and we can now share clothes 😉 Anyway, Sarah is loved by not just me, but by sooooo many and I am so proud to call her my sister, friend, and partner in tablescaping (among many other things!), which is why we had to bring out all the most beautiful tablescape items in her honor.

All things sparkly on this table are courtesy of Joanna Buchanan. The Chinoiserie Placemats, Gold Trim Dinner Napkins, Enamel Gem Napkin Rings, and Jeweled Wine Charms gave this table just the right amount of sparkle for our birthday girl. Oka supplied some seriously swoon worthy tabletop items, such as the Coquille Dinner Plates, Roseraie Starter Plates, Large Crystal Glasses, Small Crystal Glasses, and Ivory Cutlery. The green and white floral tablecloth by Katherine Young Home has once again made an appearance and is looking more beautiful than ever! All of these items together made an oh-so special tablescape for my extremely special sister. Join me in wishing Sarah a very happy birthday today!


Photos by Jessie Roffer Photography