Tablescaping with Beach Suites

March 8, 2021

on this edition of ‘tablescaping in the wild’ , we’re taking our chargers and embroidered napkins and heading to the beach! Grace, Sarah, Sarah Hunt, and I set out to set the table in the sand. Except for Beach Suites got there first to make sure we don’t actually get sandy. They set up blankets, pillows, a wooden table and topped it off with a darling cabana for sun protection. We just filled in the rest with some coral pieces we had at home, our trusty raffia placemats and bamboo flatware, plus our ever favorite Charleston Cotton embroidered napkins held down from the wind with the cutest straw napkin rings from Fete Home. I really can’t think of a better girls day than going out to the beach and leisurely having lunch while not getting everything all sandy! They can even coordinate and set up lunch or snacks for you (and have wine chilling for you!). Sounds like a dream, right? It definitely feels like one. If you’re visiting Anna Maria Island or just a local looking to relax for the day, I cannot recommend Beach Suites enough. You can use code ‘MOLLYB’ for 10% off their amazing services.

Sarah, Sarah Hunt and I are all in block print coverups from Shop Navy Bleu , while Grace is wearing the cutest Roller Rabbit dress and Sarah and Grace are both donning their beautiful Sarah Bray Bermuda sun hats 


Photos by Alisia Thompson